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Porous Plastic Fluidizing Plate & Sheet

As a leader in engineered plastics, GenPore offers fluidizing plate for direct sale, saving customers on lead time and cost.

  • Thicknesses from 1/4" to 3/4"
  • Overall dimensions 34in x 48in, 56in x 56in, 48in x 96in
  • Square, rectangular, strip, round or oval
  • Custom sized for your application - No cutting, no waste

GenPore produces superior quality fluidizing plate in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE), Also known as fluid bed plate, the product delivers uniform air distribution for diffusing, aerating and fluidizing materials.

GenPore’s fluidizing plates are easily installed, either side up, with a minimum of effort. Modifications can be made with regular metalworking equipment or standard hand tools. The plates can be sealed in place with standard RTV Silicones or the equivalent.

These highly chemical inert panels utilize a network of omnidirectional pores for effective "torturous path" filtration. These panels are available in a variety of pore sizes.

Applications include:

  • Fluid Bed Tanks for Powder Coating
  • Filter Plates
  • Underdrain Media Support Plates
  • Vacuum Tables
  • Chemical Process Tanks