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Porous Plastic Liquid Chromatography
and Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Column Frits

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) filters are designed to retain media used in solid phase extraction columns for laboratory and industrial chemical testing of various liquids.

  • 5-50 Micron Pore Size
  • True Cylindrical Shape
  • Tight Tolerance Control
  • Standard or Custom Sizes

New Technology

As a leader in porous plastics, GenPore has developed a unique technology to manufacture liquid chromatography and solid phase extraction (SPE) frits at very competitive prices.

These frits are made from UHMW Polyethylene or PE copolymers with an average pore size from 5-50 microns. Standard hydrophobic and hydrophilic formulations are available to suit your needs.

Our high quality frits have excellent concentricity and smooth square edges providing a tight fit in your column. The tight fit eliminates packing material leakage, thereby reducing in use and/or packaging line rejects.

Many standard diameters are available with a broad range of thickness for each diameter. Tolerances for diameters and thickness are shown at below.

  • Diameter
  • 0.064" - 0.250"
  • 0.251" - 0.500"
  • 0.501" - 1.000"
  • Tolerance
  • +/-0.004"
  • +/-0.005"
  • +/-0.007"
  • Thickness
  • 0.060" - 0.080"
  • 0.081" - 0.125"
  • Tolerance
  • +/-0.004"
  • +/-0.005"

If our standard sizes do not meet your needs, custom sizes can be ordered. Your custom size prototype samples will be available in 2-3 weeks. Production quantities will be supplied 6 weeks after prototype approval.