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Porous Plastic Wicks & Reservoirs

Material formulation developed to provide controlled release of fragrance, lubricants or aqueous solutions.

  • Applicators
  • Fragrance Release
  • Liquid Reservoirs
  • Lubricators
  • Wicks

Genpore manufactures porous plastic filter media for the controlled release of chemicals into the atmosphere or for a specific rate of application. A wide range of pore sizes and polymers available to meet your specific needs.

Through capillary action, our porous plastic wicks are capable of drawing aqueous and non-aqueous fluids out of a reservoir for dispersion through direct absorption or evaporation. Custom molded shapes and material formulations allow precise control of reservoir capacity, evaporation rates, and wick rates.

Genpore’s porous plastic applicators and lubricant reservoirs are designed to provide control of rate of application, flow properties and wick rates.