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Porous Plastic Sheet

Precise control of pore size, pore volume, and polymer type make Genpore's porous plastic sheet ideal for a variety of applications.

  • 10-125 Micron Pore Size
  • 1/16” to 1” Thick
  • 36in x 48in & 56in x 56in, 48in x 96in Sheet Sizes
  • Strong & Durable
  • Homogenous Porosity
  • Custom Sizes Available

Genpore’s porous plastic sheet is manufactured with free-sintered materials that produce filter media that offers excellent filtration of ultra fine particles while maintaining flowability of gases and liquids.

They are produced of high purity resins approved by the FDA and USDA. The filtration varies depending on the micron size material selected. They can be used for filtering particulate, diffusing or venting gases or wicking applications.

We offer two varieties that achieve 99.8% filtration efficiency. Hydrophilic sheets have a strong affinity to liquids and allow wicking of aqueous solutions. Hydrophobic sheets are specially formulated to repel liquids. These sheets have excellent corrosion resistance and are chemically resistant to most acids, alkalis, solvents and hydrocarbon based fuels.

If our standard sizes do not meet your needs, custom sizes can be ordered. Your custom size prototype samples will be available quickly. Production quantities will be supplied approximately 3-6 weeks after prototype approval.