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Standard Porous Plastic Materials

The pore structure of these filters has been formulated for effective particulate removal while allowing high volume flow of the liquid.

  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Very Low Density Polyethylene (VLDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)

    Other Available Materials

  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Epoxy Glass
  • Phenol Glass

A Leader in Materials Selection

GenPore is a leader in the use of a wide range of materials for controlled porosity applications. The suitability of a material for a particular application is based on our extensive knowledge of how each specific polymer meets strength, heat, corrosion or abrasion resistance requirements. Often we are able to significantly improve the performance characteristics by combining several types of polymers.